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Coffee House Steerpike

Has Diane Abbott forgotten her history of blunders?

26 April 2018

12:15 PM

26 April 2018

12:15 PM

Diane Abbott is calling for Amber Rudd’s head over the Windrush scandal – but Mr Steerpike was somewhat taken aback by her line of attack against the Home Secretary. On BBC News, Abbott asked:

‘Who can have confidence in Amber Rudd to make far-reaching changes in the Home Office, if she doesn’t seem able to get basic facts right?’

But is she forgetting her own history of blunders?

Take the time in the run-up to last year’s snap election when Abbott told LBC’s Nick Ferrari it would cost £300,000 to recruit ten thousand police officers:

Or when she recounted listening to Enoch Powell’s speech in primary school; a speech given in 1968, when she was 14.

And only last week, Abbott was criticised for tweeting a photoshopped picture of a fighter plane dropping bombs in response to the Syria airstrikes.

Mr S thinks it might be somewhat bold of Abbott to call for Rudd to get her basic facts right…

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