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Philip Hammond’s false hope

11 March 2018

12:19 PM

11 March 2018

12:19 PM

Theresa May came under fire last year when she appeared to dodge a question on whether – if there was a referendum tomorrow – she would now back Brexit. Since then, the Prime Minister managed to set tongues-wagging once again when asked in a Q&A after her big Brexit speech whether Brexit was worth it. May swerved the question – opting to confirm that she will deliver the will of the people.

So, Mr S nearly choked on his tea this morning when the Eeyore-esque Chancellor appeared to enthusiastically say that Brexit was worth it, on the Andrew Marr show:

AM: Is it worth it?

PH: Yes. Financial services is a very important part of our economy but it also

Only there was a misunderstanding – Hammond thought the question was on whether it was important to include financial services in a deal.

AM: Not the financial services negotiation – is Brexit worth it?

PH: Oh the whole thing?

AM: Yes, the whole thing.

PH: Yeh… look, the British people have decided that we are leaving the European Union and that’s what we’re doing. Our job is to make sure we get the best possible deal for Britain.

That’s more like the Eeyore Chancellor we know…

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