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Martin Selmayr's Wikipedia edited ahead of promotion

Martin Selmayr’s brilliantly engineered coup earned him a lofty promotion in Brussels, but ahead of his rise to Secretary-General of the European Commission it seems Selmayr was busy boosting his credentials for the top job. Between Christmas and New Year, when most people were taking time out to enjoy the festivities, Selmayr dabbled in a spot of late-night editing on Wikipedia. The German news magazine, Der Spiegel, unearthed some particularly interesting edits to Martin Selmayr’s page:

So what changes were made? The person responsible for the edits…

  • …added that Selmayr has ‘consistently denied’ leaking details about the Brexit negotiations.  

  • …credited Selmayr with working closely with Michel Barnier towards the ‘sufficient progress’ agreement on Brexit.
  • …removed a reference to Selmayr’s grandfather being convicted of ‘war crimes’ for his actions during the Second World War, adding that it’s the ‘British media’ which frequently mentions his grandfather’s service as a Lieutenant Colonel in the German army.

Mr S suspects that someone had a little too much time on their hands over Christmas…

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