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Coffee House Steerpike

John McDonnell holding out for a hero

2 March 2018

12:25 PM

2 March 2018

12:25 PM

Oh dear. After Labour’s better-than-expected snap election result, the prospect of Prime Minister Corbyn has never looked more real. With John McDonnell tipped to be Chancellor should Corbyn triumph at the next election, businesses are having to pay the socialist close attention.

Alas, it’s not clear this effort has been reciprocated. When asked ‘who are your business heroes?’ in an interview with the Financial Times, the shadow chancellor came up blank:

‘John McDonnell is stumped for words. He sits in silence, the only sound the hiss of a coffee machine at the back of the café. The pause drags on while the man who could soon be in charge of the British economy tries to answer the question: “Who are your business heroes?” McDonnell lists his hobby in Who’s Who as “fermenting (sic) the downfall of capitalism”.’

In the end McDonnell’s aide attempts to come to his aid:

‘His press adviser offers some ideas: “You like Dale Vince?” he says, referring to the renewable energy entrepreneur.’

That’s authenticity at least…

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