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Anna Soubry: Hard Brexiteers should be ‘slung’ out the Tory party

6 February 2018

7:27 AM

6 February 2018

7:27 AM

The friction in the Tory party shows no signs of calming down. Anna Soubry is the latest Tory MP to cause trouble – again – by calling for Conservative hard Brexiteers to be ‘slung’ out of the party. Soubry said it was time for ‘moderates’ to ‘take control’. She told Newsnight:

‘My frontbench…is in hock to 35 hard ideological Brexiteers, who are not Tories…they are not the Tory party that I joined 40 years, and it is about time Theresa May stood up to them and slung them out…The time has come for the moderates…dare I use the expression, to take control of the party.’

But Soubry wasn’t finished there. She went on to say that Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg were ‘not proper Conservatives’:

‘If it comes to it I am not going to stay in a party that which is being taken over by the likes of Jacob Rees-Mogg and Boris Johnson, they are not proper Conservatives.’

Oh dear. Mr S is sure her intervention will do wonders for unity in the Tory ranks…

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