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VIDEO: Jacob Beats Mob

2 February 2018

7:08 PM

2 February 2018

7:08 PM

No one puts the Moggster in a corner. He was due to speak to the UWE Bristol Politics and International Relations Society. A bunch of hooded protesters entered the room, and started to shout. There are about a dozen of them, shouting about Brexit, some with their faces covered. The Moggster, rather than taking cover, walks towards the mob.

Then the scuffle

And the stills. It started when a chap who decided to wear sunglasses on this inside January event confronted the Moggster, who offered to debate the issue with him. Wisely, he declined saying “you’re not worth debating”.

Then a chap in a white shirt appeared to intervene, pushing the hoodie way then remonstrated with a female protester. A tussle emerged and the hoodie came back, swing a punch at the white-shirted chap.

The Moggster then steps in to break up the fight, but is forced back in the scuffle…

But he finds his feet, then pushes the hoodie back…

…out of sight, and into safety.

And the memes have started already.

Mr S first reported on anti-Rees-Mogg sentiment on university campuses on Tuesday.

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