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Lead Remainer suggests Cambridge vice-chancellor ‘should go back to Canada’

9 February 2018

12:27 PM

9 February 2018

12:27 PM

Since leaving government, Lord Adonis has busied himself as a chief cheerleader for the campaign to stop Brexit. The Remain champion is on a mission to overturn the EU referendum result – criticising Brexit figures such as Nigel Farage for  kickstarting a ‘deeply xenophobic and misogynistic’ movement.

However, this doesn’t mean Adonis thinks everyone should be welcomed to the UK with open arms. Speaking at Cambridge University, the Labour grandee hit out at Cambridge vice-chancellor Stephen Toope over his £365,000 salary.

In an interview with Varsity, the former transport secretary suggests Toope came to the UK ‘because somehow he was going to be paid more than for a Canadian university’. He goes on to say that if British academics would take the job for less pay – and if Toope admitted he accepted the Cambridge job for the high salary – then ‘he should go back to Canada’.

So much for a more inclusive politics…

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