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Jilly Cooper: Presidents Club outcry was ‘absolutely ridiculous’

1 February 2018

4:16 PM

1 February 2018

4:16 PM

This is going to end well. The Financial Times’ report on allegations of inappropriate behaviour at a Presidents’ Club charity dinner is the paper’s most-read story of all time. The investigation revealed hostesses at the event were groped, sexually harassed and propositioned.

However, one writer has been left wondering what all the fuss is about. Step forward Jilly Cooper. The bonkbuster writer has told Londoner’s Diary that she thought it ‘was absolutely ridiculous’ – ‘it was just men having fun… behaving badly’.

‘The girls knew what they were going in to, didn’t they? The fuss they made about it with everything going on. Also, Great Ormond Street Hospital sending that money back was a shocking, shocking thing. I’m old, darling. When I was young I loved men saying I was pretty and had a nice bottom.’

Mr S gives it until the end of the day for Cooper to be asked to issue an apology…

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