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Janan Ganesh, citizen of… Washington, DC?

14 February 2018

12:36 PM

14 February 2018

12:36 PM

Theresa May’s decision to launch a verbal attack on ‘citizens of nowhere’ backfired in the snap election when metropolitan voters turned on the Prime Minister over fears her Brexit vision was an inward one. Happily, citizens of nowhere have since found some champions of their own. Citizen-of-nowhere-in-chief Janan Ganesh, the Financial Times columnist, kindly wrote a column titled ‘how to be a true citizen of nowhere’:

‘True, we tend to come from nowhere. I live in one continent, was born in another, but originate from a third. So I am not even from where I am from. I grew up in an ambiguous social class in one of those zone four neighbourhoods that are neither metropolitan nor Metroland. We have no identity to, as Sebastian’s protagonist puts it, “resign from”.’

Now word reaches Steerpike that Ganesh may be about to leave ‘the world headquarters of Deracinated Man, of Theresa May’s deplored “citizens of nowhere”’ and become a citizen of Washington DC. The talk in Fleet Street is that Ganesh is currently ‘in discussions’ with the Financial Times about a new brief which would see him write on American politics.

Of course, there’s a chance today’s liberal Brexit speech from Boris Johnson could convince him to stay…

Mr S has approached Ganesh for comment.

Update: It’s confirmed. Ganesh is moving to Washington DC to become chief US political commentator.

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