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Freemason fightback

8 February 2018

12:31 PM

8 February 2018

12:31 PM

Here we go. This week the Freemasons have come under increased scrutiny after the Grauniad ran a front page reported that two Freemasons’ lodges are operating at Westminster – which it said were for MPs and political journalists. This had led to a series of hit-pieces and criticism of the secretive society.

Now the Freemasons are fighting back. The United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) has placed full-page advertisements in several national newspapers – including the Times, as below – calling for an end to the ‘discrimination’ against their members. They insist that the organisation welcomes individuals from all walks of life but that members are ‘undeservedly stigmatised’.

One for Philip Davies to raise at the Women and Equalities select committee?

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