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Watch: Chris Williamson’s hostile reception on Question Time

26 January 2018

8:14 AM

26 January 2018

8:14 AM

Although Chris Williamson recently exited the Labour frontbench – by mutual agreement – the loyal Corbynista has vowed to do what he can for Jeremy Corbyn from the back bench. And this he did on Question Time on Thursday when he joining David Dimbleby for the weekly current affairs show.

Speaking on a panel comprised of Michael Forsyth, Fiona Hyslop MSP, Maggie Chapman and Peter Oborne, Williamson did his best to fly the flag for the Labour leader. Only he soon ran into a spot of bother when an audience asked him why if the Labour party was so big and great, Jeremy Corbyn was the best they could come up with:

AM: If your party is so big and so powerful and coming forward, how come the best you have got to offer is Jeremy Corbyn?

CW: In my humble opinion, Jeremy Corbyn is the best leader that the Labour Party has ever produced and would be the greatest Prime Minister this country’s ever seen.

Because he will have a reforming agenda that will make this country work for ordinary people, eradicate poverty and have an economy that actually gives people a stake in society and a decent future, decent pensions, decent public services.

What is there not to like about that?

Alas it was not enough to impress the viewers, with the audience taking to booing in response to Williamson’s comments.

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