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Toff sends Downing Street into a spin

28 January 2018

9:47 PM

28 January 2018

9:47 PM

Since Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo won I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here, the Conservatives have been left with a dilemma over whether to utilise their celebrity supporter. A proud Conservative, Toff kindly volunteered to utilise her million followers for the party only for brains at CCHQ to block any such move over concerns she’s ‘too posh to win over Labour supporters’.

Although the Conservative consensus has since changed in favour of bringing her into the tent, it seems it may be a case of too little, too late. In an interview with Sunday Times Style magazine, Toff comes across a little bit disgruntled about her recent interactions with the Tories. The Made in Chelsea cast member sighs that the Conservatives made it look like she had visited Parliament to meet with them recently – when really she was there for filming. Toff says the ‘head of press for 10 Downing Street actually came outside to get us’:

‘All these MPs came up to me for a selfie and then spun it to look like I’d come for a meeting,’ she says incredulously. ‘The head of press for 10 Downing Street actually came outside to get us. I couldn’t believe it.’

What’s more, Toffolo is rather unimpressed at the recent charm offensive from certain Tories – given that she has been a supporter for some time. She says it’s ‘a bit annoying’ that they’re trying to capitalise on her now.

It seems the Conservatives’ dilemma may have just been decided for them…

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