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Stepford students come for Jacob Rees-Mogg

30 January 2018

12:01 PM

30 January 2018

12:01 PM

Here we go. First the Stepford students at LSE submitted a motion to ban the university’s free-speech society, next City University students tried banning newspapers at the institution famed for its journalism school, then Lincoln University’s Student Union suspended the Conservative Society’s social media use after young Tories dared to suggest that the powers-that-be were intolerant of free speech. And now, it’s the turn of Jacob Rees-Mogg.

The Moggster is due to speak at Queen Mary University of London this week:

However the university’s Socialist Worker Student Society takes a different view – they say:

‘This is our campus, and we won’t have politicians who are against the welfare and freedom of our diverse student and staff body.’

Still, Mr S suspects Rees-Mogg will have no trouble dealing with any protesters should he encounter them.

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