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Peter Stringfellow’s bold Brexit stand

11 January 2018

12:30 PM

11 January 2018

12:30 PM

Breaking news in today’s Evening Standard. George Osborne has splashed on the revelation that Peter Stringfellow – the nightclub owner – has ditched the Conservatives in protest over its stance on Brexit. Stringfellow – who often attends the Tories’ black and white ball – says he is quitting the Tories ‘unless they change their direction and lead us towards Remain’.

So, which party will he defect to? Well, judging by his previous comments, the party he favours next after the Conservatives is… Ukip. Yes, in 2012, Stringfellow warned he could defect to Ukip:

‘This is the first time I have not supported the Conservative Party in 32 years of being in London. I’m taking a serious view of supporting Ukip in the future.’

Then in 2015, after Nigel Farage resigned, Stringfellow asked the former Ukip leader to ‘please reconsider’ as he was ‘needed in the new political arena’.

Did no-one bother to tell Stringfellow of Ukip’s flagship policy?

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