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New Year, same old PMQs

10 January 2018

2:44 PM

10 January 2018

2:44 PM

Anyone hoping that 2018 would bring an improvement in the quality of debate between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn, or a reduction in the length of John Bercow’s interventions, would have been disappointed by today’s session.

Corbyn and May traded the usual blows on the NHS. There was little in the exchanges that was enlightening. Jeremy Corbyn listed examples of people being treated in car parks, Theresa May said that the NHS had been better prepared for winter than ever before. She then tried to turn the conversation to the shortcomings of the NHS in Labour-run Wales.

The rest of the session wasn’t much more enlightening either. Indeed, Justine Greening’s decision to sit up with Anna Soubry struck me as one of the more significant developments of the day.


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