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Labour embrace Jared O’Mara

18 January 2018

11:57 AM

18 January 2018

11:57 AM

It’s been a difficult week for Ben Bradley, the new Tory vice chair for youth. In unearthed blog posts dating back to 2012, Bradley suggested that benefit claimants should have vasectomies rather than claim multiple child benefits, accused public sector workers of being ‘lost in their own fantasy land’ and said that in the case of the London riots that: ‘For once I think police brutality should be encouraged.’

Bradley has been quick to apologise for his comments – claiming he has matured since then. But this isn’t good enough for Labour. The party has been quick to go on the attack and hail this as evidence that the ‘nasty party’ lives on.

However, Mr S suspects they would be well-advised to tread with caution. Jared O’Mara – the Labour MP currently suspended over sexist and homophobic comments online – made his return to Parliament this week after an extended break. And are his colleagues applying the same unforgiving approach to O’Mara over his past behaviour? Apparently not. Labour’s Tracy Brabin was captured embracing her suspended colleague:

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