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Julian Smith finds Brexit diplomacy a piece of cake

31 January 2018

6:08 PM

31 January 2018

6:08 PM

Julian Smith has his work cut out as Chief Whip. As well as trying to stop Tory MPs firing off letters to 1922 Committee chairman Graham Brady, Smith must try and keep both Tory Remainers and Tory Brexiteers in line.

In a bid to do this, Smith met with the European Research Group – the all-powerful Brexit wing of the Conservative party – this week to try and ease concerns that the government is about to water down the version of Brexit it is seeking. Now Jacob Rees-Mogg is chair of the ERG, the group is seen to have greater potential for trouble.

So, what was his strategy? Serving cake. A Victoria sponge cake was brought out to keep the rebels at bay – reports that the cake was homemade are yet to be confirmed or denied.

Perhaps there is something in Boris Johnson’s Brexit strategy of ‘have your cake and eat it’ after all…

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