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Jeremy Corbyn goes quiet on Iran

2 January 2018

10:50 AM

2 January 2018

10:50 AM

With nine more people reported to have died overnight in Iran following clashes between protesters and security forces, the death toll is thought to sit at 21 following a series of nationwide demonstrations. Several politicians – including Boris Johnson – have been quick to express concern over the situation. However, despite an active Twitter feed, Jeremy Corbyn is yet to comment on the unfolding situation.

This is rather curious given that the Labour leader – who says ‘to stay neutral in times of injustice is to side with the oppressor’ – has a tendency to wax lyrical about Iran, whether it’s appearing on Iranian state television or discussing ‘the inclusivity, the tolerance’ in the country that ‘most people in the West simply do not understand’.

Whatever could be the problem?

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