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Grauniad reviews organised crime drama: ‘shades of Brexit’

3 January 2018

12:18 PM

3 January 2018

12:18 PM

Although we’re only three days into 2018, the Guardian has put in an early contender for the coveted title of most Grauniad article of the year. Proving that Brexit misery can be found in pretty much anything so long as you look hard enough, the paper has published an intriguing review of McMafia, the BBC’s new glossy mini-series on organised crime

The series tells the story of Alex Godman – a man who has spent his life trying to stay clear of his family’s criminal past, but when tragedy strikes, he becomes embroiled in the world of international crime – including money laundering and shootings. The drama has so far received good reviews – with the Telegraph describing it as ‘irresistibly charming’. Meanwhile, the Radio Times says it is ‘probably more true-to-life than most glossy crime capers’.

However, the Guardian take is a little different. In an episode recap for the paper, David Stubbs asks if it is really an allegory for… Brexit:

‘Are there inadvertent shades of Britain’s Brexit quandary about McMafia? Suddenly forced to make deals in the wider world, unprotected by EU scruples, with new “international partners” who might play by different rules?’

One to add to the list…

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