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Blair and Corbyn’s popularity contest

4 January 2018

6:39 PM

4 January 2018

6:39 PM

As expected, Tony Blair’s latest Brexit intervention has proved universally unpopular. Brexiteers have hailed his criticism as the best advert for leaving the EU in weeks, while Corbynistas have gone on the offensive over his harsh words concerning the dear leader.

Despite all this, Tony Blair can at least still count on one man to back him up: himself. In an interview with ITV, it was put to Blair that Corbyn actually did better than the former Prime Minister in the 2017 snap election than Blair in 2005. The reasoning goes that Corbyn won a higher percentage of the vote, at 40pc to Blair’s 35.2pc.

Somewhat unsurprisingly, Blair didn’t take too kindly to this way of looking at things:

‘On that basis Theresa May would be a more successful prime minister than Margaret Thatcher.’

Mr S suspects that Blair may – for once – have a point…

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