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Baroness Trumpington: Theresa May is terribly boring

30 January 2018

6:21 PM

30 January 2018

6:21 PM

Oh dear. Theresa May’s bad week just got worse. On top of Tory MPs taking to social media, the airwaves and the papers to criticise her, it now seems that Conservative peers are going public with their grievances.

In the new issue of Tatler magazine, Baroness Trumpington – who retired from the Lords last year – offers a rather frank assessment of the Prime Minister. When asked about May, the 95-year-old Lords stalwart and former land girl offers a trade mark V-sign to the interviewer:

‘As I ask a question about Theresa May, Lady Trumpington flicks her fingers at me from across the table in her Chelsea care home, making the V-sign. She does it again, as if to make sure I’ve got the message.’

Then things get worse as she puts into words her views: May is ‘terribly boring’:

‘One of the things about her is she’s terribly boring. And politicians don’t have to be exciting, but it is more fun.’

She has a point…

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