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Watch: Question Time audience member accuses Nicky Morgan of treachery

15 December 2017

5:06 PM

15 December 2017

5:06 PM

This week the ‘stop Brexit’ campaign went into overdrive after the government suffered its first defeat on the EU withdrawal bill – with 11 Tory rebels voting to back an amendment calling for a meaningful vote on the final deal. The whips now have their work cut out trying to prevent a second rebellion next week on Theresa May’s own amendment to put the exit date in the bill.

However, should Chief Whip Julian Smith’s charm offensive fail again, perhaps the government could look to last night’s Question Time for back-up. With David Dimbleby joined in Barnsley by a panel comprised of Nicky Morgan, Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey, Professor Robert Winston and Isabel Oakeshott, an audience member took umbrage with Tory rebel Morgan’s ‘treachery’ before savaging Labour’s Brexit stance:

‘We are constantly being told by these elite politicians and she [Nicky Morgan] has committed a really treacherous act last night against the Conservative Party.

But the lady on the other side [Rebecca Long-Bailey] is supposed to be in a party that should be defending the working class communities that this town is and their party is tending toward the Single Market.

Which is unrestricted migration and that is what this town, overall, voted leave to stop because it damaged the working class communities.

She’s worse than her [Nicky Morgan] in effect and her party is doing more damage to these communities if we keeping to hearing from that Keir Starmer about the Single Market’s on its way back.

You’re stabbing us in the back if you’re gonna carry on with those treacherous rebels and when he says about Parliamentary sovereignty, the people are sovereign to put their representatives in Parliament.

We’ve made our decision, we know why we made it. I know you think we’re all thick up north, but I remember voting on my ballot paper and it said ‘leave or remain’.’

Mr S hopes ‘that Keir Starmer’ gives the comments due consideration…

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