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Jeremy Corbyn: I’m a centrist dad

1 December 2017

11:30 AM

1 December 2017

11:30 AM

Jeremy Corbyn caused a social media flurry on Thursday after it was revealed that he is the cover star of the new issue of GQ magazine. Sticking to his socialist values, the Labour leader managed not to fall in the trap of other comrades (like Owen Jones) who put on designer gear for the glossy magazine shoot – opting to wear an M&S suit.

So, what did Corbyn have to say? Well, the Labour leader discusses Corbynista slang – and specifically the term ‘centrist dad’ which is used to describe someone stuffy and out of touch – often a Blairite. However, Corbyn claims that he is a ‘centrist dad’ just one that has been ‘radicalised’.

It turns out that ‘radicalised’ centrist dads don’t bother with the Today programme, opting instead for Classic FM in the mornings. As for television, Corbyn enjoys Al Jazeera – though he was disappointed to discover that he doesn’t have the channel at home – only in his office. ‘I thought we had because we’ve got it here,’ he tells the magazine, meaning his office.

When it comes to his office staff, Corbyn isn’t sure how they voted in the EU referendum – though he thinks they ‘all voted Remain’. As for Seumas Milne, Corbyn’s director of communications?

‘I wouldn’t dream of asking him. As far as I’m concerned, we’re here to develop a political agenda. That’s what I’m doing. I don’t ask my staff any personal questions.’

How curious that Corbyn and Milne never discussed their feelings on the EU while working together to supposedly keep Britain in the EU during the referendum campaign…

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