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Gavin Williamson and Philip Hammond’s awkward outing

7 December 2017

12:06 PM

7 December 2017

12:06 PM

It’s fair to say that (not for the first time in recent months) things are a little bit awkward around the Cabinet table at the moment. The latest bust-up is between Philip Hammond and Gavin Williamson, with the pair falling out after an ally of the Chancellor compared the new defence secretary to Private Pike from Dad’s Army.

Understandably, that did not go down well: the Ministry of Defence has now reportedly blocked Hammond from using RAF jets following a row about an unpaid bill. Yesterday, things took yet another turn for the worse in the ongoing feud after Hammond appeared to suggest Williamson had failed to get his ‘head around the defence budget’. So, with perfect timing, Britain’s new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth is to be officially commissioned today – and both Philip Hammond and Gavin Williamson are reportedly on board for the ceremony.

Mr S hopes the pair can use the occasion to patch things up but wonders whether a giant battleship is really the best place for Hammond and Williamson to settle their differences…

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