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Diane Abbott’s selective memory

17 December 2017

11:10 AM

17 December 2017

11:10 AM

Oh dear. This morning Diane Abbott appeared on the Andrew Marr show to discuss – among other things – Labour’s Brexit position. Given that the party’s official EU stance appears to change on a daily basis, viewers were intrigued to hear the shadow home secretary claim that the Labour Party ‘doesn’t support a second referendum’:

‘We’ve never supported it, we don’t now’

If only the memo has reached… Diane Abbott. Just last month the very same Diane Abbott was reported, by the Guardian, to have written to two constituents pledging she would argue in favour of a referendum on the final Brexit deal – a policy that had been ruled out by the party:

‘I will argue for the right of the electorate to vote on any deal that is finally agreed.’

No stress, however, given Mr S is sure the policy will change again before the new year…

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