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David Davis’s curious turn on LBC

11 December 2017

12:10 PM

11 December 2017

12:10 PM

After David Davis caused a mini-furore over the weekend by claiming that the government’s Brexit compromise on the Irish border was a ‘statement of intent… much more than legally enforceable’, the Brexit Secretary was sent back onto the airwaves this morning to attempt a second time lucky. With the Irish government concerned over Davis’s comments on Marr, Davis hummed a new tune. He said that far from suggesting the UK could back out of Brexit deal on Irish border, he had meant is that it is ‘more than legally enforceable’.

While only time will tell whether this is enough to calm Brussels nerves, Davis did at least manage to provide some alternative entertainment. He revealed that orange juice is his kryptonite and said that his job as Brexit Secretary doesn’t require much intellect – or attention to detail for that matter:

‘I don’t have to be very clever, I don’t have to know that much, I do just have to be calm. Anybody can do details, we’ll let you do the details.’

After the farce of the Brexit impact reports and the confusion this weekend, Mr S suspects Theresa May will be asking herself whether she should rewrite Davis’s job description…

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