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Battle of the Maybots

5 December 2017

12:56 PM

5 December 2017

12:56 PM

Unfortunately for Theresa May, her working lunch on Monday with Jean-Claude Juncker didn’t work when it came to agreeing ‘sufficient progress’ with Brussels. However, as the Prime Minister works to solve the negotiations deadlock with the DUP – and subsequently the EU, she can at least find some light relief in the abundance of Maybot sketches now doing the rounds.

In a sign that Theresa May is making an impression on Americans, May made a special appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend – with Kate McKinnon doing her best Maybot impression:


Should that one not appeal, Tracey Ullman’s Theresa May is also a strong contender for best Maybot.

Alas Mr S suspects the jokes about Arlene Foster’s late-night demands might not generate such a laugh after the events of yesterday…

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