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Watch: Frank Field’s swipe at Hilary Benn

14 November 2017

3:58 PM

14 November 2017

3:58 PM

The mammoth debate on the government’s EU withdrawal bill has only just started – but already it is turning nasty. Labour’s Frank Field was one of the first to speak and used the opportunity to take a none-too-subtle dig at Hilary Benn, telling his fellow Labour MP: ‘I’ve always bought my houses, never inherited them’.

Unsurprisingly, Benn was not happy, repeatedly telling Field: ‘I bought mine too.’

Field took his comment back but the damage was done and his colleagues on the Labour backbenchers were none too impressed.

Ministers had been worrying about whether their EU withdrawal bill could make it through the Commons; Mr S thinks they need not be too concerned: it seems some Labour MPs are more interested in taking a pop at their colleagues than holding the government to account.

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