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Revealed: Universal Credit director wins award for… project management

22 November 2017

9:25 AM

22 November 2017

9:25 AM

You don’t have to be a member of Her Majesty’s Opposition to conclude that something has gone wrong with the Universal Credit rollout. After a series of issues including a six week wait for first payment and an expensive helpline to supposedly deal with said issues, the government is under pressure to put the scheme on pause.

Matters weren’t helped in recent weeks when Neil Couling – the man in charge of the Universal Credit programme – tweeted pictures of cakes celebrating the scheme at a time when some claimants on are said to be living on the breadline as a result of the bungled rollout. So, Mr S was curious to learn that Couling won a gong at this week’s Association for Project Management awards. What’s more, it was the Sir Monty Finniston award which ‘is given to individuals or organisations for a significant contribution to the art and science of project management’:

For his part, Couling says it’s an ‘absolute honour’ to receive the award on behalf of all the public servants working to make Universal Credit a ‘success’:

Mr S isn’t so sure those effected by the rollout would agree…

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