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Scottish Labour leader: If it’s England vs Scotland, I support England

20 November 2017

2:14 PM

20 November 2017

2:14 PM

This weekend, Richard Leonard proved that an Englishman can succeed in Scottish politics. The Corbyn ally – who hails from Yorkshire – beat Anas Sarwar to be crowned the leader of Scottish Labour.

However, it remains to be seen whether an Englishman can ever be First Minister. While Scottish Labour members may be over to get over their leader having an English accent, Mr S wonders if the latest confession by Leonard will prove a step too far when it comes to the general public. With England and Scotland enjoying a fierce rivalry in sport, Leonard was asked today, on Radio 5live, what side he was on when it comes to football and rugby:

‘If it’s England vs Scotland, I do support England. Every other game I’ll support either Scotland or England. I’m not going to try and make up something, that’s the honest truth.’

A Scottish Labour leader who cheers on England at the football. Well, stranger things have happened…

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