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Priti Patel’s jet set lifestyle continues

7 November 2017

1:42 PM

7 November 2017

1:42 PM

Priti Patel’s working holiday to Israel – in which she held secret meetings with Israeli politicians, including the country’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu – has landed her in hot water. Despite the backlash to Patel’s foreign escapade, however, it seems her jet set lifestyle shows no sign of stopping.

In Parliament this afternoon, Patel had a chance to defend herself and tell MPs what she got up to on her summer trip. The only hitch? She couldn’t make it. In Patel’s absence, it was left to her deputy, Alistair Burt, to fill in. So where was Patel?

‘She is presently in the air,’ he told MPs to laughter in the Commons.

Still, Mr S is pleased to hear that Patel had actually told her colleagues where she was off to this time around. ‘The secretary of state is on a pre-arranged government visit to Africa,’ reassured MPs.

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