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Nicky Morgan goes on the offensive

13 November 2017

1:35 PM

13 November 2017

1:35 PM

When the EU Withdrawal Bill returns to the House tomorrow, Theresa May is hoping Tory MPs – and some Labour rebels – will be persuaded to play ball. However, an appearance on the Daily Politics by Labour’s Frank Field and Nicky Morgan offered an insight into the difficulties ahead.

Only it wasn’t the Labour MP doing the attacking. With little love lost between Morgan and May since Trouser-gate – which saw the former education secretary take aim at the Prime Minister for her extensive choice in leather trousers – today Morgan poured fuel on the fire. Referring to May’s Telegraph article warning MPs that they must not use the passage of the EU withdrawal bill through Parliament to try to ‘slow down or stop’, Morgan said it showed she is both ‘tone-deaf and tin-eared’.

May can at least take heart that she isn’t the only one in the firing line. Morgan also found time to call for Boris Johnson (and Michael Gove for good measure) to consider his position following recent comments over the case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe’s visit to Iran.

You know things have gone wrong when it’s the Conservative MP who is doing the best job of criticising the government…

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