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Newsnight’s charm offensive

14 November 2017

5:41 PM

14 November 2017

5:41 PM

As BBC2’s flagship current affairs programme, Newsnight prides itself on attracting the finest politicians and pundits to offer their two cents worth on breaking news stories. So, Mr S was curious to learn of the tactics deployed by one producer to get politicians on the show.

Speaking at an event in Soho, Amber Rudd recalled a call she received from a staffer on the show back when she was a fresh-faced backbencher:

‘I remember quite late at night, getting a call from Newsnight asking me to come speak on something. And I took pity on the poor young man asking me to do this and I said to him: “Listen, if you get to the end of your list and you can’t find anyone, come back to me”.

And he said: “You are the end of the list”‘

Happily Rudd had the last laugh; ‘He doesn’t say that anymore’.

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