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Martin Freeman’s Labour loyalty issues

19 November 2017

6:49 PM

19 November 2017

6:49 PM

Although Jeremy Corbyn has seen a number of celebrity supporters come and go, Martin Freeman has at least proved loyal. The Hobbit actor has spoken in favour of the Labour leader – and appeared in party broadcasts. Indeed on the Andrew Marr show this morning, Freeman once again endorsed Corbyn. Only this time he added a caveat – making clear he supported Corbyn primarily because he was the leader of the Labour party as given that Labour is his ‘team’, he would support whoever held that role:

AM: You quite like Jeremy Corbyn as a man, don’t you?

MF: Yes, generally I think most people do, a lot of Tories quite like him as a decent person – they can get their head around that. No, I voted for him – and I would vote for him as the leader of the party but I would vote for you [points to actress Tamsin Greig] as the leader of the Labour party because it’s my team.

Only that hasn’t always been the case. Mr S recalls the 2001 general election during which Freeman voted not for his ‘team’ Labour, but instead for Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour party. At the time, Scargill’s party pledged to leave the EU, create a four-day working week, abolish the monarchy and axe the House of Lords if they took power. Then in 2005, Freeman said he would rather abstain from voting than vote for Tony Blair’s Labour in the general election:

‘I don’t know that I am going to vote this time and I would’ve found that unthinkable even three years ago. In 2001, I voted Socialist Labour. I certainly couldn’t vote for Tony Blair.’

It seems Freeman’s ‘team’ could better be described as socialism. As for that ‘team’, the last time Mr S checked Freeman was busy telling hacks how many people his team had killed:

‘My team — the left, generally — has been responsible for more deaths in the last century than the other team if you count Stalin, Mao, the Khmer Rouge, the Shining Path… that’s not a good team.’

Probably not one to include in the next Labour party broadcast…

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