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Kensington MP picks on a woman over her appearance

27 November 2017

8:34 AM

27 November 2017

8:34 AM

Dawn Butler caused a stir at the weekend when she claimed to John Pienaar that Theresa May is ‘no friend of women’. That came as news to the female Conservative MPs who were helped to get where they are today through Women2Win, the campaign group May co-founded.

Still, if Butler is really going to focus in on which women are and aren’t ‘friends’ to women, Mr S advises her to look at the most recent social media activity of her Labour comrade Emma Dent Coad. The MP for Kensington – who has been in the news for a series of comments on ‘ghetto boys’ – took to Twitter last night to share a meme of a flattering picture of Jeremy Corbyn and an unflattering picture of Theresa May. Each is accompanied with words from Roald Dahl – for May, it’s how ‘ugly thoughts show on the face’. As for Corbyn, ‘a person with good thoughts cannot ever be ugly’:


A kinder gentler politics…


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