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John McDonnell reins in his republicanism

6 November 2017

8:35 AM

6 November 2017

8:35 AM

John McDonnell is no fan of the Royal Family. The shadow Chancellor once joked about ‘looking forward’ to seeing papier-mâché models of the Royals guillotined. Yet with Labour now on the brink of snatching power from the Tories, McDonnell appears to have reined in his republicanism somewhat. Not too long ago, today’s story that the Queen’s private estate invested money offshore would have been a perfect opportunity for McDonnell to criticise the Royal Family. But when asked on the Today programme to do just that, he seemed somewhat reluctant to go after the Queen. Here’s what he said:

‘Well I don’t want to the Queen in this’

Mr S is sure the Queen will be grateful…

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