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Did Theresa May really ignore Lisa Nandy’s abuse warnings?

1 November 2017

2:36 PM

1 November 2017

2:36 PM

PMQs was always going to be a more serious affair than usual this week, given the questions about how Westminster and the political parties have handled serious allegations of sexual abuse. Theresa May began the session by saying that she was inviting all party leaders to a meeting to discuss the launch of an independent, grievance procedure.

Jeremy Corbyn made clear he would be happy to attend this meeting. But he then proceeded to question Theresa May about a tax loophole involving the Isle of Man. The exchanges were not particularly illuminating.

But later on Lisa Nandy stood up and said she had told Theresa May three years ago that the whips were using sexual abuse allegations to impose party discipline. Now, having looked at the precise question Nandy asked I am not sure this is an entirely fair reading. Her question related to what a former whip had said in the 1990s about how they behaved in the 1970s—which isn’t quite the same thing as the current allegations.

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