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David Gauke taunts John McDonnell over Russia Today

23 November 2017

6:30 PM

23 November 2017

6:30 PM

Alex Salmond has been in the firing line of late over his decision to host a chat show on Russia Today. The former First Minister of Scotland has come under difficulty as numerous politicians have declined an invitation to appear on the channel. However, Mr S suggests he give John McDonnell a call.

David Gauke has had much fun today on Twitter, where the Cabinet minister recalled an incident that occurred on College Green on Wednesday:

‘Yesterday, on College Green, RT reporter and camera crew came up to me asking questions.

ME: I don’t do interviews with RT.


ME: You’re a propaganda station. Reputable politicians don’t do interviews with RT.

INTERVIEWER: We’ve just had John McDonnell on.’

Helpfully RT have shared the video of the incident online:

Whoever said Corbyn’s Labour were anti-press…

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