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Alex Salmond makes life difficult for Nicola Sturgeon

10 November 2017

4:44 PM

10 November 2017

4:44 PM

It’s safe to say that Alex Salmond’s decision to host a talk show on Russia Today has not gone down well. The former first minister has been widely condemned for taking the controversial gig on the Russian-funded channel. Nicola Sturgeon has also now joined in, saying that she would have advised her predecessor ‘against RT and suggested he seek a different channel to air what I am sure he will be an entertaining show’.

But somewhat embarrassingly for Sturgeon, Salmond isn’t the only SNP figure to make an appearance on the channel. SNP politicians have popped up on RT nearly 50 times in recent years. Admittedly, Salmond himself accounted for many of those appearances. But a current SNP MP, Douglas Chapman, has also made several appearances on RT. Maybe it’s time for Sturgeon to have a word…

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