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Why lambast Michael Gove for the Weinstein joke – and not Neil Kinnock?

28 October 2017

2:39 PM

28 October 2017

2:39 PM

Michael Gove has a good line in risqué jokes, not all of which ought to be broadcast – as he demonstrated this morning when he used an appearance on the Today programme to compare being interviewed by John Humphrys to being in Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom:

‘Sometimes I think going into the studio with you John is a bit like going into Harvey Weinstein’s bedroom. You just pray you emerge with your dignity intact.’

Cue entirely predictable outrage and apology from Gove.

But while politicians rush to condemn Gove – why does no one seem interested in his co-interviewee Neil Kinnock? No one seems to be demanding his head on a plate yet the Labour grandee joined in, saying:

‘John goes way past groping… Way past groping.’

Frank Dobson, the former Labour Health secretary who had one of Westminster’s widest portfolios of dodgy jokes, will be glad he got out of politics in time. Then there’s Liam Fox, who got away with an apology 17 years ago when he described the Spice Girls as ‘four dogs and a black bird’.

What Emma Barnett described as Westminster’s ‘locker-room humour’ can have a high career price nowadays. Mr S just hopes it’s not the case that it only proves the most costly when Tories are involved.

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