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Watch: Alastair Campbell’s Brexit ding-dong with John Redwood

19 October 2017

3:54 PM

19 October 2017

3:54 PM

Alastair Campbell has made his views on Brexit loud and clear to anyone who will listen. Tony Blair’s former spin doctor is not happy about Britain leaving the EU and he wants us all to know it. It’s something of a shame then that he doesn’t give others who don’t agree with him about Brexit the opportunity to have their say.

Campbell popped up on Sky News this afternoon to discuss why he thought walking away with no Brexit deal would be a mistake. But when it came to Tory MP John Redwood’s turn to speak, Campbell was having none of it:

AC: ‘Because people like you..said it was going to be easy to do a deal.’

JR: ‘Just don’t keep interrupting. I didn’t interrupt you when you were giving all this twaddle out.’

AC: ‘I’m going to challenge the nonsense that you talk. You talk complete nonsense.’

JR: ‘So why don’t you listen to some of the facts?’


Oh dear…

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