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Wanted: a social media editor for The Spectator

16 October 2017

1:53 PM

16 October 2017

1:53 PM

The Spectator is hiring. We’re looking for our first full-time social media editor, but one with a difference. We are looking for someone who understands The Spectator’s voice and can present our articles on Twitter, Facebook and other platforms. The social media editor’s responsibilities will include:

  • Developing The Spectator’s social media strategy.
  • Projecting The Spectator’s voice on all forms of social media.
  • Promoting subscriptions via social media, while liaising with the marketing team.
  • Producing web analytics.

The successful candidate will work full time in our London office and report to the online editor. They will be expected to edit and maintain The Spectator’s social media channels to the standard readers expect from the magazine.

There is an art to generating angry clicks and Twitter-trolling, but it’s not something we’re interested in. We follow a different model. We want to use social media to encourage people to pay for our journalism – which they are now doing, in record numbers. So our social media strategy must be harmonious with the editorial tone set by the magazine and website.

It’s a great chance to join the world’s oldest – and best-written – magazine: our sales are at a record high and rising quickly. Anyone interested should email with some thoughts on what they would bring to the role, as well as any relevant experience and their salary expectation. 

Please also include five examples of how you would present recent Spectator articles and podcasts on social media. Those shortlisted for interview will be set an aptitude test. And please don’t send a CV: it doesn’t matter where, or whether, you went to university, whether you’re a school-leaver or retiree. All that matters is whether you can write.

The deadline for applications is Monday 30th October.

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