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Tory whips’ letch list

26 October 2017

12:01 PM

26 October 2017

12:01 PM

As concerns continue to be rise over Jared O’Mara’s conduct towards women, his Labour comrade John Mann has suggested such behaviour isn’t just limited to one MP in the party. With Mann threatening to expose a colleague who was sent home from a foreign delegation for inappropriate behaviour, the conversation has turned to who knew what and when.

However, if Labour are in hot water over the conduct of their MPs at large, it’s unlikely that the government whips have cause to relax. As Katy Balls reported in the i paper last week, Tory whips have drawn up a ‘naughty list’ of MPs who could mean trouble for the government. Parliamentary Private Secretaries – the lowest rung of the government ladder – have been given names of MPs to keep a close eye on.

This includes those who could have lecherous tendencies – MPs who require a close eye on late nights in Parliament bars. PPS’s have been tasked to patrol drunken Conservative members and sex pests in the House of Commons bars – so as to keep them out of trouble in the evenings and ahead of key votes.

It’s no coincidence that the sleaziest periods in politics have come during minority governments, in the 70s and 90s, when MPs were cooped up all day away from their families.

Time Labour drew up a ‘letch list’ of their own?

Update: The Sunday Times has followed up Mr S’s report of a letch list. The paper reports that the ‘system was set up several weeks ago to ensure that MPs did not miss key votes on Brexit legislation, but is being expanded to prevent sexual harassment in the Palace of Westminster’.

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