Tom Watson’s bid to shed the pounds

15 October 2017 7:51 PM

For George Osborne, it was the 5:2 diet that was credited for sculpting his political ambitions. His decision to shed the pounds was taken as a sign by the commentariat that he had serious leadership ambitions. So, Mr S was curious to hear that Labour’s Tom Watson is now on a mission to lose weight.

Writing in his newsletter, Labour’s deputy leader says he is on a diet – or a ‘lifestyle change’, if you’d prefer:

‘Did I tell you I’m on a diet? I know you’re not supposed to call them that anymore, to be on message they have to be a ‘lifestyle change.

Using rudimentary ‘nudge theory’ every time I reach a weight target, I treat myself to a gadget for the bike. It’s going well so I purchased a device for the handle bars that allows you to attach your iphone this week.’

No word yet on whether he will be following his leader and ‘transitioning’ into veganism…