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Transport for London advertising: No to naked backs, yes to Russia Today

31 October 2017

2:02 PM

31 October 2017

2:02 PM

Oh dear. Earlier this month there was a furore when it was revealed that a tights advert featuring a picture of a dancer’s bare back had been banned from the Tube. As part of Sadiq Khan’s promise to ban adverts on TfL which could cause body confidence issues, the firm were told by TfL’s contractor to add a bandeau bra to the image of the model.

So, Mr S was intrigued see some of the adverts that TfL appear to be perfectly relaxed about. While a bare back may be deemed too much for the daily commute, a ‘propaganda machine’ advert for Russia Today – the Kremlin-backed news outlet – is a-ok:

Workers of the world, unite!

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