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David Mundell’s Boris Johnson jibe

1 October 2017

4:00 PM

1 October 2017

4:00 PM

Conservative party conference kicks off today and already a few common themes are beginning to emerge: how to win back younger voters, May’s vulnerable position and Boris-bashing. After Ruth Davidson used an interview with the Times to suggest that the Foreign Secretary needed a reality check, her Scottish comrade David Mundell has today joined in on the fun in a fringe event.

Speaking on a panel of Scottish Conservative MPs discussing how the party could better connect with young voters, Mundell was asked whether BoJo could be the answer. His reply?

‘I do recall that Boris Johnson once stood as rector of Edinburgh university. You can look at the results of that.’

In the incident Mundell is referring to, Boris finished third – and was told to ‘bog off’ on a visit to the university ahead of the vote.

So much for playing nice…

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