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Revealed: May’s haul of gifts

13 October 2017

1:27 PM

13 October 2017

1:27 PM

Theresa May isn’t having much in the way of luck at the moment. Her planned Tory conference reboot ended in disaster and today’s papers are full of tales of the awkward relationship between the Prime Minister and her Chancellor. But the PM is doing rather well for herself in one way at least – the number of gifts she has been getting from the great and the good in the last few months.

In the run-up to June’s bungled snap election, May’s haul included a clock and a medal from the Saudi King. She also got given a fancy fountain pen from another Arab monarch, the King of Jordan. Alas, May didn’t get to keep any of those gifts because they were too expensive, according to Cabinet Office records. But she did splash out on purchasing a pair of £500 shoes which were a gift from exclusive designer Charlotte Olympia. Mr S. is sure they will go perfectly with her £1,000 leather trousers…

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