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Patrick McLoughlin’s fall from grace

2 October 2017

10:49 AM

2 October 2017

10:49 AM

It’s been a tough few months for Patrick McLoughlin. After the disastrous snap election, the party chairman has found himself in the firing line – with much blame for the campaign’s failings pushed in his direction. In a recent ConHome survey of the cabinet, McLoughlin was ranked last.

So, Mr S was pleased to see him getting back into the swing of things at Conservative party conference. After delivering his conference speech in the hall, McLoughlin went on to speak at the Women2Win reception. However, before he could get on stage to commend the work of the group which helps women become MPs, McLoughlin hit an obstacle. The stage was too high and proved insurmountable – the party chairman proceeded to trip and fall flat.

A sign of the times?

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