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Moggmentum comes to Tory conference

1 October 2017

6:46 PM

1 October 2017

6:46 PM

After a lacklustre policy announcement on tuition fees followed by a disappointing turn on the Marr show, Theresa May’s Conservative conference has not got off to the best of starts. However, as MPs fume about their leader’s failings, members are at least managing to get excited about one Tory politician…

Step forward Jacob Rees-Mogg.

This afternoon Moggmentum hit Tory conference. Eager conference attendees started queuing for a Jacob Rees-Mogg fringe event on Brexit an hour before it began. With half an hour to go, the queue was so long it blocked the entrance to the conference centre. Security staff then had to bend it so that the fire exit was not blocked by Mogg’s many admirers.

Unfortunately the room was too small to cater for the sheer demand for Mogg. Attendees have been forced to stand – and others turned away. ‘Our apologies to all the people we couldn’t get in,’ ConHome’s Paul Goodman told attendees.

So is this the start of the Moggster’s leadership bid? ‘All these stories of candidates trying to takeover from May as leader are made up by the media,’ explains one attendee.

For those who didn’t make it into the room, Mr S will keep readers updated on what happens next.

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