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Listen: Ed Vaizey says ‘quite a few’ MPs want May to resign

5 October 2017

11:54 AM

5 October 2017

11:54 AM

Oh dear. After yesterday’s calamitous leader’s speech, Theresa May’s position looks a little less secure than it did prior to her party’s conference. Although Cabinet ministers are said to have called her to say she ought to stay in post, others take a different view.

Ed Vaizey has just spoken to BBC Radio Oxford. Asked about May’s future, the Cameroon said that ‘quite a few want her to resign’. As for himself?

EV: One of the things I would say is that I thought the Tory party conference was a great opportunity to reboot the party and therefore reboot the country and give it a clear sense of direction. That didn’t happen so yes I am concerned.

BBC: Do you think she should step aside now?

EV: Well, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to see a way forward.

Still, Mr S suspects Vaizey’s comments on the importance of the conference would be taken a bit more seriously had he actually attended…

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